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Hix on Rails

Ruby on Rails project generator

Cut two days of Rails app configuration to a few minutes, for every new project.

How Hix sets up a project

Hix on Rails injects the setup wizard into the usual Ruby on Rails new project creation flow.

After selecting what's needed for your project from multiple semantically categorized options you end up with a ready to use, perfectly configured Ruby on Rails application.
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Karol Galanciak
"Hix offers a solution to a common problem - setting up new applications seamlessly with reasonable defaults. It can already help save time and its roadmap makes it even more promising."

Karol Galanciak

Distributed Systems Architect, Ruby on Rails expert, CTO at BookingSync.
Ruby on Rails CircleCI Continous Integration jobs

Hix minds Code Quality...

Hix on Rails comes preconfigured with multiple choices of popular tools that vastly improve Ruby on Rails project maintainability.

Thanks to hooking them up together into the freshly initialized project you don't have to worry about maintaining a high quality of the new project's codebase.

New applications are ensured to align with widely known Best Practices™ from the huge Ruby on Rails community, from day one.

...and project checklist

Hix on Rails configures all the aspects of professionally set up Ruby on Rails application based on your need.
  • Asynchronous code execution
  • Continuous integration
  • Data storage
  • Environment management
  • Logging
  • Request / response standard
  • Security
  • Static code analysis
  • Tests
  • Validation
  • Version Control
It all takes only a few minutes, saving both the time and trouble of finding out the correct setup for a wide range of popular tools that improve Ruby on Rails development experience.
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Ruby on Rails advanced project checklist
Alberto Trivero
"I've used templates to quickly setup Rails apps in the past, but Hix on Rails so far demonstrated to be a much more comprehensive and modern solution, for fullstack apps as well API-only."

Alberto Trivero

Web Platforms Architect & Cybersecurity Consultant

Pick your own Ruby on Rails toolset

With Hix on Rails, you get out of the box configuration for multiple frameworks and libraries, including all mentioned below.
PostgreSQL and MySQL for Ruby on Rails

SQL database setup

Fully configured, last stable MySQL or PostgreSQL for persistent data storage. 
Redis, Sentinel and Sidekiq for Ruby on Rails

Redis + Sentinel + Sidekiq

Highly available key-value data storage with asynchronous code execution.
Redis, Sentinel and Sidekiq for Ruby on Rails

Logger configuration

Real-time dashboard for application crash tracking.
Redis, Sentinel and Sidekiq for Ruby on Rails

RSpec + Code Coverage

Best Ruby testing framework with code coverage reports.
RuboCop and Brakeman for Ruby on Rails

Static Code Analysis Tools

Code protected from common mistakes with Rubocop, Brakeman and more.
Github and CircleCI for Ruby on Rails

Github + CircleCI

Code Quality checked on your remote git repository, continuously.
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"Hix is an excellent generator that allows you to skip boring repetitive actions that are necessary to start a new project."

Wojciech Krzywda

Ruby on Rails Developer

Minimal requirements

Hix on Rails works with macOS and Linux-based operating systems.
Hix on Rails

Hix on Rails

Get Hix now

Do not repeat any of the project configuration ever again.
Automate your Ruby on Rails project initialization.
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Hix on Rails
Hix on Rails
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