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Hix on Rails

Hix on Rails

Ruby on Rails applications initialization as simple as possible,
so developers can focus on  the business logic implementation.
Hix on Rails automates this process for you.
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What is Hix?

Hix on Rails automates new Ruby on Rails projects configuration.
Ruby on Rails application setup with all the tools that help in its development is a boring yet crucial task for anybody who aims into both pleasing maintenance and high code quality.
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Hix on Rails ActionMailer setup

Latest stable versions

The moment Hix on Rails starts, it checks what versions of Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework you are using to initialize your new project.

If they are not the latest stable ones, you'll be informed.

Monitor from day #1

Hix on Rails comes ready with two of the most popular choices for application logs monitoring - Sentry and Rollbar.

All it takes is picking the tool and pasting your credentials.
Hix on Rails Loggers setup
Hix on Rails ActionMailer setup

Set up ActionMailer

Hix on Rails allows you to select from five of the most used email providers for production - Amazon SES, Gmail, Mailgun, Mandrill and SendGrid.

Development is covered with MailCatcher and LetterOpener.

Integrate ActiveStorage

Hix on Rails allows you to integrate production ActiveStorage with all three options available - Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.
Hix on Rails ActiveStorage setup
Hix on Rails Redis setup

Redis configuration

On top of the standard SQL databases setup, Hix on Rails comes with the most popular in memory, key-value data storage - Redis - with additional Redis Sentinel for production.

If you decide to do so, Sidekiq comes next.

Popular gems

Installing most popular gems, including the renowned static code analysis tools and the top-notch testing suite is a breeze - all it takes is selecting what you need.
Hix on Rails Git and CI setup
Hix on Rails Git and CI setup

Continuous Integration

Based on the git remote provider, decide if you want to configure the Continuous Integration - CircleCI for Github and Bitbucket, GitlabCI for Gitlab.

All of the static analysis tools selected in the former steps are added to your CI out of the box, along with RSpec unit tests.

Development Roadmap

Is Hix on Rails missing something that you find crucial for an advanced Ruby on Rails project?
It matters a great deal to us for you to let us know what of the planned features you would like to see in Hix on Rails.
This is why you can vote for them there!

A complete list of features

Browse everything that's available when initializing Ruby on Rails project with Hix on Rails.
Feature Links Since
Resources related to the ActionMailer Ruby on Rails library included in the template.
Amazon SES 1.4.0
Gmail 1.4.0
Mailgun 1.4.0
Mandrill 1.4.0
SendGrid 1.4.0
LetterOpener 1.4.0
MailCatcher 1.4.0
Resources related to the ActiveStorage Ruby on Rails library included in the template.
Amazon S3 1.3.0
Google Cloud Storage 1.3.0
Azure Blob Storage 1.3.0
Logging and Monitoring
Resources related to the Ruby on Rails application monitoring included in the template.
Rollbar 1.0.0
Sentry 1.0.0
Data storage
Resources related to the ActiveRecord Ruby on Rails library included in the template.
MySQL 1.0.0
PostgreSQL 1.0.0
Redis 1.0.0
Code Quality
Resources related to automated Ruby and Ruby on Rails code quality analysis and reporting, running in the CI suite.
Brakeman 1.0.0
Bundle Audit 1.0.0
Fasterer 1.0.0
Rails Best Practices 1.0.0
RuboCop 1.0.0
Production Gems
Gems included in all of the Ruby on Rails environments.
DRY Validation 1.0.0
Fast JSON API 1.0.0
HTTParty 1.0.0
RSWAG 1.0.0
Sidekiq 1.0.0
Test Gems
Gems used for testing the Ruby on Rails application code.
Database Cleaner 1.0.0
Coveralls 1.0.0
FactoryBot 1.0.0
FFaker 1.0.0
Rails Controller Testing 1.0.0
RSpec 1.0.0
RSpec-Sidekiq 1.0.0
SimpleCov 1.0.0
Shoulda Matchers 1.0.0
TimeCop 1.0.0
Development Gems
Gems that make Ruby on Rails application development easier.
Better Errors 1.0.0
binding.pry 1.0.0
Continuous Integration
CI / CD services configured out of the box for selected git remote providers.
CircleCI 1.0.0
GitlabCI 1.1.0
Hix on Rails

Hix on Rails

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Do not repeat any of the project configuration ever again.
Automate your Ruby on Rails project initialization.
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Hix on Rails
Hix on Rails
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