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9 steps to your well-maintained Ruby on Rails project

A free webinar for Ruby on Rails developers, hosted by Hix on Rails.

What to expect?

With all the tools you can include in your RoR application, it might be hard to remember every single aspect of a well-maintained project. During this webinar we will touch base on:
  • Ruby, RoR, Database(s), and Redis versions
  • Environment management (rails credentials / dotenv / figaro / anyway_config)
  • Non-blocking main thread for common use-cases (file upload, email sending)
  • Monitoring suite and amount of unsolved problems
  • Development environment - email sending, file upload, ease of running it for the first time
  • Sandbox environments for common 3rd party tools
  • Shared test examples and contexts, well-maintained test factories and fast test suite
  • Documentation that's both easy to browse and update
  • Code analysis tools
That is a lot to digest, but will all be included in a single presentation with real-life examples, followed by a Q&A session.
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About the speaker

Wiktor Plaga

Ruby on Rails Developer, author of Hix on Rails
Founder Hix on Rails, full-stack developer with years of experience in backend technologies.
Author of 14 tutorials for advanced Ruby on Rails project setup.
Hix on Rails
Hix on Rails
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